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Cast of Characters

The Web Nazi

Tracy West, affectionately known as The WebNazi, is the person who attempts to keep everyone in line, at least when it comes to what gets posted on the Interwebz.  She's been hanging with The Rise Guys since their inception (notice we used the word INCEPTION, not CONCEPTION cause that would just be gross.)  We let her on the show every once in a blue moon just so we can play the Nazi song and listen to her laugh.  But we can't be too mean to her since she knows how to photoshop and has the ability to make all our profiles gay. 

And those in prison who want to see her nekkid... dude, you really don't want to go there.

Follow her:  https://www.facebook.com/TheWebNazee
Tweet her:  https://twitter.com/WebMistressWest

Gay Timmie

Gay Timmie, A.K.A. Gay Timmie, was brought on the show after he started doing Paige's hair.  Timmie brings a totally different perspective to the show that only JLN could understand.  He's also very good at Leap Thong.  Timmie is currently single fellas, so hit him up on Facebook if you're interested!

Follow Timmie:  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=636542231

Mark Hendrix

"It is goooood!"  Not only is Mark "Good Guys / Hell Yeah" Hendrix the godfather of the show, he came up with our name, The Rise Guys.  He's law & order for Entercom with his deep voice and Iowa sass, but this Dallas Cowboy lover is all for good radio.  As long as it doesn't cause damage to Entercom property (We've had to pay out of our own pockets for various video cameras and computers over the years.)  Mark is also a big Avenged Sevenfold fan and has a baseball bat signed by all original members including The Rev.

Zack Brown

Zach is one of Entercom's premiere sales associates.  When he's in studio it usually ends with one thing, a verbal sodomizing of someone on the show.  Fat Boy calls him the TRG Roastmaster and he can bring the pain.  Don't forget he almost lost Strip Driedel '11, getting down to just his boxers (Nine lost).  He's a big NY Giants fan and he can help you get US to your business for appearances, email him ZBrown@entercom.com  <------he's cool with that and deserves it for all the bits he does for us.